Popfax launches its end-of-year Winter Promotion

Popfax.com, the global provider of professional fax services is excited to announce the launch of its traditional Winter Promotion for new and existing customers. Christmas dreams come true…for a very limited time only!

As usual, at the end of the year, Popfax.com is launching its Winter Promotion – one of the best opportunities to benefit from a long term and cost effective Internet fax service. The promotion is a wonderful end to the outgoing year and an excellent start to the new one. It gives all customers the opportunity to improve their company’s results in the years ahead, by taking advantage of Popfax services through an all-inclusive 2 year subscription, at a 40% discount.

Popfax winter promotion

By subscribing to the new Winter Promotion pack, the user will benefit from:

  • A local fax number for 2 years with 500 outgoing fax pages included.
  • Free and unlimited fax reception.
  • All productivity options included (fax to email, SMS, conference call, voice mail, etc.)

Besides this promotion, Popfax has launched a free Greeting Card service for its customers. Now users of the Popfax service can send their best wishes to colleagues, friends and business partners during the coming holidays.

To enjoy the Popfax Winter Offer, users just need to visit www.popfax.com and subscribe to the Winter Promotional Offer during the promotional period from December 17th, 2012 until January 21st, 2013.

As the end of the year is the best time to analyze productivity and connectivity with colleagues, partners and clients, at work or at home, Popfax has also analyzed its activities during the past year:

  • Advances in mobile applications by launching a free cloud faxing application for the iPhone called PopCompanion. This application increases user mobility and productivity by giving them the possibility of sending and receiving faxes and managing their Popfax accounts directly from their iPhone, anywhere and anytime.
  • Enriching business connectivity features by launching a Conference Call service for its clients. This service represents an alternative to traveling and commuting, allowing professionals to participate in conferences from anywhere in the world, whether in or out of the office
  • Facilitating fax management and flow by integrating the built-in OCR feature into our unified messaging solution, allowing business professionals to organize and manage their faxes more efficiently.
  • Extending long-term perspectives through consolidation with French competitor TooFAX. This will allow all clients to benefit from the best aspects of both TooFAX and Popfax, as well as the best prices in the long term.

The next year promises sustainable development of fully-fledged Popfax services, continuous optimization of interaction with customers, extending the coverage area to South America and other world regions, integration of advanced features for cloud applications, and offering clients the best deals, promotions and discounts.

Every business needs a fax service. Many companies, all over the world, have used Popfax services or Popfax free trials, and are likely to appreciate the advantages of the send & receive fax package and mobile fax features offered by Popfax.com.

The Popfax Winter Promotion is a great chance to appreciate the advantages and cost-effectiveness of online faxing!

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