Popfax launches its App on Windows Mobile Phones

Popfax was already fully compatible with the mobile web thanks to its responsive site and had already launched the PopCompanion application on Google Play, iTunes and Blackberry World. Now Popfax has added its free downloadable application for Windows Mobile phones.


This Summer Popfax is giving its customers a gift

Beginning July 20th, 2015, Popfax is running a Special Summer Promo that entitles new and existing customers to receive a special gift.


Popfax launches Online Dematerialized Postage Services

POPFAX is adding a dematerialized postal mail offer to its portfolio. The global leader of online fax services has launched its digital postage service – affordable, secure and paperless from the sender side.



Direct marketing might overlook faxing because of the prejudice that fax image quality is not good enough for reaching the target audience. This is an assessment that Popfax is ready to challenge. If one picks the right design for the message’s image, uses the Popfax image processing algorithm to transform it into black and white, and Popfax’s high quality professional faxing equipment, the result can reach an astonishing quality. The proof is in the image...


Popfax launches its traditional Promotional pack and organizes a contest:

Popfax, the global Internet fax service provider, has just launched its traditional winter promotion, along with a contest looking for the most original Christmas greetings fax giving customers the chance to win an iPad.


Sign documents and send them by fax with just a few clicks on your PC or mobile device

Popfax has launched digital signature and document editing tools on its online fax interface for Enhanced Business Efficiency. Faxing is now completely paperless with Popfax!


Popfax announces a Special Summer Price for its All-Inclusive Online Fax Offer

With our Special Summer Promotion Popfax customers can spend less and fax more over the next 2 years, and benefit from new useful tools and functions both on the web and on their mobile devices.


Meet the Popfax App for Android updated to Version 3.4 has pushed out an update of the Popcompanion Mobile for Android, which now allows easier organization of faxes, different means of fax creation (including camera scan to fax) and an automatic synchronization of all fax transmissions prepared in offline mode.


Popfax offers Fax Number Portability in Italy for free

The Internet Fax Service, has announced the Free Portability of Italian Fax Numbers to its service, from 28 of May 2014.


Popfax has gone fully native, with its updated fax app for iOS

The International Fax Service has just released an update to its mobile application PopCompanion. The Version 1.7 allows users, for the first time, to make advanced search requests and manage the search results directly from within the app. The fully native iOS app can now print faxes with Apple Wi-Fi Printers.


Popfax offers its optional fax features at no extra cost during the whole April, the global provider of Internet fax solutions, is running a special Easter Offer for its new and existing customers – the opportunity to use the entire advanced range of fax features at no extra cost during the month of April.


PopCompanion gains new smart features with its iOS 7 update!

Popfax has updated its scan-to-fax app - PopCompanion for iOS 7. The latest app version comes with an improved image cropping function and closer integration with native Apple products which can be used while scanning or selecting existing images to send by fax.


The winner of the Popfax Promo Sharing Contest

Popfax has announced the winner of a full refund in its Promo Sharing Contest, which took place in December 2013 and January 2014, alongside the Special Winter Promotion.


Popfax closes 2013 and celebrates the New Year with a special Promotion

The international provider of Internet Fax services, is announcing its Winter Season Promotion – an excellent opportunity to save on a Professional Fax Service!


How to use Popfax service - VIDEO Tutorials

Discover the basics of how to receive and send faxes via the Internet in step-by-step video tutorials. The detailed demo videos offer an easy way to become familiar with the main online fax features provided by fax from email client and Gmail account, fax from iPhone and Android smartphones, OCR in faxes, voicemail, cover page, etc.


Popfax upgrades its whole system capacity

The global leading provider of Internet fax services, Popfax, is upgrading its whole system capacity due to the increase in its customer base and website traffic.


The traditional Summer Promo has been launched

Popfax is offering a hot summertime discount of 40% on a fully featured communication package. Happy summer everyone!


Porting your fax number to Popfax

Businesspeople can now easily port their existing fax number when switching to Popfax from another online fax service provider or from their local carrier.


Switching to a cloud-based fax service with Popfax – is it worth it?

Reliability, Efficiency and Cost of Business-To-Business (B2B) communication can be improved using a cloud infrastructure. These alternatives to traditional modes of communication are not only cost-effective but also improve business efficiency as they are often more reliable and “pervasive” (i.e. available wherever and on whichever device the Internet can be accessed)


Popfax has updated its mobile fax website

Popfax has announced an updated fully featured mobile fax website, which allows end-users to perform any faxing operation with a smartphone; from subscribing to online fax services, getting local fax numbers, to sending/receiving faxes and adding fax credits and options on the move.


Popfax Internet Fax solutions integrate with any e-Business and professional application

Popfax provides integration with all existing e-Business and professional critical applications, allowing users to fax directly from SAP, E-Commerce, CRM, ERP, etc. To accommodate the daily faxing needs of corporations, Popfax offers 2 free APIs (SOAP and SMTP) and a virtual printer driver in the Windows environment for faxing from any business application, thus providing companies with a powerful Internet-enabled fax tool.


Use your smartphone camera to scan and fax documents

Life is becoming more and more mobile: In 2013 we can do almost everything from a smartphone, from taking pictures, recording movies, checking the weather forecast, to booking a hotel or a trip, making the most of our budgets and saving money. Thanks to mobile technology, the fax machine is also going mobile, allowing users to fax documents anytime and anywhere.


Popfax launches its end-of-year Winter Promotion, the global provider of professional fax services is excited to announce the launch of its traditional Winter Promotion for new and existing customers. Christmas dreams come true…for a very limited time only!


How to run an effective fax mailing campaign using Popfax solutions? advices you how to run an effective fax mailing campaign using the just launched fax mailing tool


The winner of Popfax Summer Contest

Popfax Summer Contest for customers took place in July-August 2012. The winner should provide the most memorable description or picture about "How Popfax helps them stay connected with their office this summer" that Popfax Marketing teams could reuse for our communication.


New summer contest from Popfax: subscribe and take a chance to win!, the global provider of professional unified messaging solutions is excited to announce the beginning of a new summer contest for its new and existing customers. The winner will receive the New Samsung Galaxy S III !


TooFAX merges with Popfax: a consolidation for the benefit of our clients

Novaleo decided to merge its TooFAX service with Popfax, one of its French competitors.


Keep your faxes organized with Popfax’s built-in OCR information

Searching your fax archives by keywords as well as selecting, copying and pasting from a received fax into another document is now possible for Popfax customers.


Popfax offers its productivity features for free during the Easter Holidays – the global provider of unified messaging solutions, is offering its productivity features for free (From 1st - 30th of April).


Conference Calls for business professionals, by - the global provider of unified messaging solutions – has enriched its productivity features by launching a Conference Call service for its clients.


Turn your iPhone into an instant fax machine with Popfax

Following its strategy of expanding online fax services to mobile devices, the global provider of internet fax services announces the launch of its free faxing application for iPhone. Popfax now serves most of its customers’ mobile devices.


Voicemail contest for Popfax Customers, the global provider of professional Internet fax services, is pleased to announce a new contest for its customers. Five gift cards (€100 each) are waiting for the participants who send us the best audio spots about the Popfax service: an audio advertising, a thanking or greeting.


Popfax launches a new mobile application for BlackBerry, the leading European provider of professional Internet fax services has launched the Mobile PopCompanion for BlackBerry.


Corporate internet fax solutions announces its new Corporate offer that provides a complete set of fax solutions that can be tailored to the communication needs of professionals.


Winning picture of Popfax summer contest announces the winner of its Summer Contest.


New Summer Contest for Popfax Customers!, the leading internet fax service provider, announces the beginning of a summer contest for its customers! The winner will receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab device and a Popfax mug.

08-07-2011 allows you to stay in touch with your business even when out of the office

Along with the advantages of sending and receiving faxes via the Internet, with you can leave without neglecting your business.


New Android unified messaging application for Popfax customers has developed a new Android application called Popcompanion mobile


Popfax extends its coverage in USA the leading European provider of Internet fax services has extended coverage on the American continent, providing local fax numbers in more than 200 cities across the biggest metropolitan areas.


Unified messaging (Fax, SMS, Voice Mail) by extends the scope of services offered to its customers with a voice mail now associated with the Popfax number. From now on, the number can selectively answer to voice or fax calls. This first voice service comes as a move towards unified messaging that has been initiated when including SMS services.


How secure is your fax sending?

Whether you deal with sensitive financial data, patient health information, judicial papers or other privileged information, secure internet fax solutions offer an assurance that the contents of your fax transmissions are safeguarded.

18-05-2010 introduces its new interactive web interface presents its new design with an increased number of faxing options and an optimized graphical interface. Now end-users can benefit from simpler and more enjoyable online faxing.


Mobile fax by presents a new web solution for sending and receiving faxes using mobile devices and PDAs

01-02-2010 launches new features for 2010 is happy to announce a set of tools and features than shall increase Popfax customers’ productivity.


Start your fax communication with your own dedicated fax number from

Popfax assigns you a local fax number for receiving faxes in over 500 cities across more than 23 countries, and allows you to send faxes worldwide. There is no difference between the digital fax number provided by and a traditional fax number. If you already have a fax number you can port it to


The Online Fax Service provided by

The Online Fax Service provided by Popfax is an Internet fax for both individual professionals (SMEs and SoHos) and for corporate customers who meet their faxing needs with our outsourced solutions. Benefit from a 24/7 highly available Internet fax service.


Send fax from anywhere and anytime with Popfax

With thousands of customers all over the world, Popfax has been serving business needs for more than 7 years, providing reliability and excellent performance at very competitive tariffs. Popfax provides its customers with a wide range of solutions for fax sending: from web-based fax sending to mobile fax software.


Send and receive fax email with the Popfax mail to fax service

Fax email is known to be as easy as email, and all you need to use this facility, is to have an email address and to subscribe to an Internet fax service provider that supports fax to email.