Fax from your Smartphone anywhere and anytime !

Popcompanion mobile fax app

Scan & fax documents using your smarphone camera!

Popcompanion mobile is a mobile fax application developed for Android, iOS and BlackBerry based devices that use the www.popfax.com API. It runs in several languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, etc.

The mobile faxing application works in conjunction with a Popfax online account and is much more than a simple application for faxing from a smartphone. It is a complete unified messaging tool with a wide range of features that allow users to:

  • Send simple text files or by selecting documents and images from a local folder;
  • Receive unlimited faxes instantly and for free;
  • Scan and fax documents, notes and receipts using the mobile device camera;
  • Send SMS’s worldwide;
  • Manage voice messages;
  • Manage personal contacts using both Phone and Popfax contacts;

Over 50,000 Professional customers worldwide trust Popfax.com services.

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