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Choose a plan most appropriate to your vision of Internet Fax business and benefit immediately from the advantages of

  • Resell Popcodes
Join our reselling partners and we will provide you with the resources you need to accelerate your profitability. The key features of our reselling program are POPCODES provided with scratch cards or by e-mail. Benefit from our low-cost pricing with additional discounts on online rates. Resell our products ‘as they are’ or bundle them with other products of your own, at the price of your choice.
  • Integrate into your applications
Make your own offer based on our infrastructure whether using the brand (CO-BRANDING stays visible but discrete) or without using it (White label). Benefit from discounts on our standard prices, which are more than 50% lower than of any competitor.
Manage your clients via your partner account and provide your customers with a front office customized with your brand to start sending faxes right away.
Your personalized web interface
  • Manage your fax mailing campaigns for yourself and for others
Nearly 100% of companies are equipped with faxes, which makes fax mailing an universal and potentially the most efficient B2B direct marketing resource. Benefit from our offers by contacting our sales consultants or, if you are a Direct Marketing company or a Corporation sending millions of faxes, in order to optimize your time, your budget and your results, has created, the “Fax mailer” program. It consists in a partner account that allows you to program instantly your marketing campaigns aimed hundreds of thousands of customers or prospects all over the world.