Popfax Online Fax Offers

  Info Features Send & Receive Send Only Send & Receive
+ Option Pack
  PDF Local fax number asigned or posibility to port your fax number
  Free and unlimited reception
  Send faxes by web
  PDF HTML Cover-page
  PDF HTML Popfax Groups
Option Pack PDF HTML Mail to fax  
Video OCR in all faxes  
Fax storage (1 GByte)  
PDF HTML SMS sending (0.12 USD / SMS)  
PDF HTML Contacts grouping  
PDF HTML Personalized fax sending  
HTML Registered fax  
PDF HTML Conference Call  
PDF HTML Voice mail  
PDF HTML Call transfers  
PDF HTML Fax reception at multiple email addresses    

Popfax fax email service vs. traditional fax machine

  Popfax.com Traditional fax machine
Free trial period
NO equipment costs  
NO maintenance costs  
NO paper, cartridge costs  
NO additional phone line costs £13.29 /month
(British Telecom)
Environmentally friendly YES NO
(available everywhere: Smartphones, Internet...)
Cost of fax reception (per page) 0.00 USD >0.04 USD
(paper, ink, electricity)
Cost of fax sending (per page)
(beyond the pages included in the package)
0.06 USD
(to the most destinations)
>0.14 USD